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Our Vision is that of a world in which all persons are respected, valued & given the dignity which is theirs by right.
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Anya’s Story

Anya was tricked into coming to Ireland. She might have been rescued at Immigration Control but unfortunately she arrived at the airport on a weekend when security was lax. We believe there are hundreds of trafficked women like Anya in Ireland today.

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St. Josephine Bakhita

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Real-life Trafficking Stories


I wake to the sound of pounding. My mother is pounding groundnuts. She’s singing, her song keeping time with her pounding.

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Out Of Focus Street Prostitute Headlights Night


From Poland, was chaperoned daily to a brothel in Italy and her movements were controlled.

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Aged 17, was given clothes and boots and a bag of condoms and told to do anything that clients wanted.

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How Iris was Captured

Radio Interview
of woman who
was trafficked to Ireland.

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